"We try to use Arkansas Nonprofit News Network in-depth reporting whenever we can. It gives our readers a deeper understanding of issues that affect their lives and their pocketbooks. We need to make sure this kind of journalism continues because no one else is watching or holding our statewide elected officials accountable. With the newspaper economy suffering, it’s also important because it doesn’t cost our newspaper anything to use the service. We appreciate the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network and are hopeful it continues to grow."

Chris Wessel

Editor, Jonesboro Sun

"As a newspaper located in western Arkansas, we are unable to send reporters to Little Rock and other locations to gather information for articles. So many decisions affecting our state's residents come out of Little Rock, and we want to be able to get that information to our readers. We are grateful the Arkansas Nonprofit News Network can help us do that. The ANNN has provided timely and informative articles about health care, Medicaid, the prison system and more. The stories are well researched, well written and well received by our readers. We appreciate having the articles available to us and hope to see that availability continue."

Mardi Taylor
former editor, Southwest Times Record (Fort Smith)

"As a small circulation weekly newspaper the content from Arkansas Nonprofit News Network has brought a greater coverage area to our company. By utilizing the content, we are able to bring vital state news to our paper that before we couldn't. As a very rural 1,000 circulation paper we have a staff of only two, and I cannot begin to explain how much we appreciate the assistance with these important news articles. Our readers are also very appreciative of the content. Thank you for all you do."

Tammy Curtis
Publisher, Spring River Chronicle (Hardy)

"The Arkansas Nonprofit News Network has been a boon for small newspapers in Arkansas. In the days of corporate media and ever-shrinking staffing levels, newspapers struggle to develop hard-hitting and deeply crafted reporting. The Arkansas Nonprofit News Network’s ability to take the time to investigate issues gives readers the information they need to form an educated opinion."

Sonny Elliott
Managing Editor, Baxter Bulletin / USA Today Network

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