Bill aims to repeal Arkansas’s unique ‘criminal eviction’ law

Only Arkansas permits criminal consequences for nonpayment of rent — and it has enforced the law during the pandemic. Now, after ProPublica and ANNN investigated the practice, some legislators want to revoke the statute.

Statewide voucher program fails in House Education committee

The House Education committee on Thursday defeated a bill that would have created a $3 million statewide voucher program funded with income tax credits. Its sponsor, Rep. Ken Bragg (R-Sheridan), said after the meeting he would not try for a second vote on Senate Bill 539.

State Medicaid budget passes House on second try

The Arkansas House of Representatives narrowly approved a bill to fund the state's Medicaid program on Tuesday, completing legislative action on the appropriation and handing a victory to Governor Hutchinson.

House rejects bills to limit minimum wage hikes approved by voters

    Two bills sponsored by Rep. Robin Lundstrum (R-Elm Springs) to undo substantial portions of the minimum wage hikes approved by voters in November were voted down easily Monday in the Arkansas House of Representatives. Lundstrum said after the votes…

Statewide voucher-like bill passes Senate while Pulaski County bill stalls in committee

On Thursday, the Arkansas Senate passed a bill that would create a $3 million voucher-like program allowing K-12 students to receive scholarships for use at private schools. Senate Bill 539 was approved by a vote of 21-10, with two senators voting "present" — the equivalent of a "no" — and two not voting. It now heads to a House committee.

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