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Tornadoes increasing in Arkansas due to climate change, researcher says

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 28, 2020, Kathie Pace and her family hid in a stairwell as a tornado slashed through their northeast Jonesboro subdivision. “I heard the windows shattering,” she said recently. “Later, we found someone’s turbine from…

Bill aims to repeal Arkansas’s unique ‘criminal eviction’ law

Only Arkansas permits criminal consequences for nonpayment of rent — and it has enforced the law during the pandemic. Now, after ProPublica and ANNN investigated the practice, some legislators want to revoke the statute.

Almost half of Arkansans age 70-plus have received first COVID shot, state says

Meanwhile, a breakdown of total adult vaccination rates by county showed stark disparities across the state. Franklin County and Cleveland County have provided at least one dose to almost 19.8% of people ages 16 and up. The lowest rates were in Miller County, at 3.8%, and Hempstead County, at 6.6%.