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Juror sent home with COVID, but political bribery trial moves forward

The long-awaited bribery trial of former state Sen. Gilbert Baker, a former Republican lobbyist from Conway, began Monday with news that a juror had contracted the coronavirus. The unidentified juror had been present for jury selection Friday and contacted the…

The mess in Room 304: ‘Breaking Bad’ at Henderson State

In November 2019, two chemistry professors at Henderson State University were arrested for allegedly producing methamphetamine on campus. Documents suggest the trouble may have started much earlier.

Tornadoes increasing in Arkansas due to climate change, researcher says

On the afternoon of Saturday, March 28, 2020, Kathie Pace and her family hid in a stairwell as a tornado slashed through their northeast Jonesboro subdivision. “I heard the windows shattering,” she said recently. “Later, we found someone’s turbine from…